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International Surgery is the Official Journal of the International College of Surgeons. International Surgery has been published since 1938 and has an important position in the global scientific and medical publishing field. 


Years of Excellence


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  • Worldwide internet transmission.

  • Prompt peer reviews.

  • Timely publishing following peer review approved manuscripts.

  • Upon accept manuscripts prior to having the copy edited, authors can elect to have their paperpublished as “online first”

  • Non-accept manuscripts, authors can revise and resubmit their manuscripts for peer-reviewed

  • Fellows in the International College of Surgeons receive discounted fees for open access publishing in International Surgery. In reference to fee discounts, please visit the journal website at

Read International Surgery

Our journal is open access, and our content is offered for free via the journal website. Peruse the past issues from 2011 to today for free on the main International Surgery website. You can also sign-up for notifications on new issues.

Submit a Manuscript

We welcome new submissions at any time of the year. Our peer-review editorial board will review your manuscript and, if accepted, slate you for publishing in the next available issue of International Surgery. We also offer online-first publishing.


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