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President Message

January 1, 2022

Thank you all for your endured support. I wish deeply from my heart that we will be working in union and harmonization now and the future. Surely, I am confident that our team to be the pride of the College. 

I also like to thank our former Presidents and executive team members that set up such a good foundation for us.

We will never forget our founders’ Vision, “Hope and Help”! We may adjust our pace of work, but never give up our essences of vision 

Sustainable development of our college need in heritage of the vision, core value, and mission, however action plans would be adjusted and modified by every elite leader with the reflection of our inheritance and paradigm of individual in order to survive in these tough international situations. 

To stand firm against the challenges of our status in WHA, we have to show ourselves how our ethics and value in international cooperation. Humanitarian surgery is not a slogan but we are going to consolidate the services on the bases of cost effectiveness in the near future

I understand that each section and federation is under great pressure in the development all the time. We have to promote financing for all our own status and capacity. There’s no free meal! We have to work effectively together to recruit more members, and assist in setting up more new sections and revitalize those less functioning and active sections.

Finance is one of the the key factors for our college, section, federation to be sustainable! Adequate financing is essential for the status members to survive and function properly. By and large, please utilize our budget smartly and effectively and try to stabilize the finance for our college, section and federation.

We need to set up a good example for all others.

The last but not the least, I sincerely implore that we have to show what we trust and hold in the integrity of NGO, less political challenges, more harmonized working team spirit and corporation. I strongly believe we will be matching forward to great success in the future. 
Prof. Aij-Lie Kwan M. D., Ph D
Kaohsiung Medical University 
Department of Neurosurgery, 
Kaohsiung, Taiwan


The International College of Surgeons was founded by Dr. Max Thorek at a time of extreme nationalism, racial and religious hatreds and divisions leading to World War Ⅰ.  


Dr. Thorek's vision was of a College which would bring surgeons of all nations and peoples together to build a force for international understanding,  good will and peaceful development of the art and science of surgery.


The International College of Surgeons (ICS) has a long and inclusive history, dating to 1935, with 87 years of being open to all nationalities, all races, and all creeds.

The College has 4,008 fellows in over 100 countries, with more than 85% of its membership outside of the United States, including the ICS African Federation, the Asian Federation, the European Federation, the Latin American Federation, the North American Federation, and the Pacific Federation.